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Is Network Marketing A Real Business?

Let’s discuss a question you’ll inevitably get asked…Is network marketing a legitimate business?If you haven’t heard this one already, get ready.Maybe it’ll come from a family member, spouse, friend, or maybe even a coworker once they find out you’ve taken the leap from employee to entrepreneur by starting your own enterprise.It can be tough to […]

Success Becomes You

“Discipline becomes dormant in the absence of a dream ” Rory Vaden Jon Acuff writes in his book, Start “Instead of asking, “What would I love to start doing?” let’s ask, “What can I not stop doing?” So what is your dream? It has to be more than retiring wealthy, building a new home on […]

Mommy Blogger With A Huge List

Holly Homer—a popular blogger, speaker, consultant, and poker aficionado—started a “mommy blog” nearly 10 years ago while raising her three boys, and quickly turned a hobby into her full-time dream job. Learn how Holly organically built a community of over 2.5 million fans on Facebook in the interview below! Click here for more! FREE INTERNET […]

Finding Your Life Purpose

Quality of Life Issues? Too often we set out to make a better life for ourselves  and our families only to discover that we have lost precious time learning how to save precious time. Nick Unsworth of Life on Fire shares his insights from a life of being a successful entrepreneur to finding himself unhappy […]

How to Live With Hart

Defining Your Passion… In May 2015, Doris Hart died at the age of 89. Have you ever heard of Doris Hart? Probably not unless you are a tennis or sports pundit. Doris Hart did not define herself as a handicapped individual, even though she was.

The Real Poison in Poison Ivy

Fighting the Urge to Itch An impromptu visit to my doctor today was necessary to receive an injection to control some out of control skin rash from some out of control poison ivy. Now if you have ever had poison ivy you know how difficult it is to resist the urge to scratch. That is […]

Are You a Human Spam Bot?

Show that you are a person of value Just because you have something of value to offer doesn’t mean that you are a person of value.   Now don’t take that personally, you are a human soul with great value, but in all likelihood, your potential customers don’t see you that way….   In fact, […]

How To Magnetize Your Iphone

Do iphones really have magnets? If you own an iphone, you are no doubt impressed with the myriad of things that you can do with it. In fact I will bet that if you over 50, you are absolutely amazed at the power and access to knowledge that you have in the power of your […]