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Success Becomes You

“Discipline becomes dormant in the absence of a dream ”
Rory Vaden

Jon Acuff writes in his book, Start

“Instead of asking, “What would I love to start doing?” let’s ask, “What can I not stop doing?”

So what is your dream? It has to be more than retiring wealthy, building a new home on the water, putting the kids through college, etc. etc.  Mind you, nothing wrong with these goals, but until you get past them and make your dream finding something to share that will impact lives, you really will never find the success that you are looking for.

Furthermore, these dreams will not sustain you enough to give you the discipline that is needed to reach your goals. A dream must be much bigger than you and your world if you ever want to reach the world outside of your own personal dreams. If you never reach out to help others reach their dreams, you will struggle to reach yours.

So it is necessary to first make a paradigm shift in our thinking from that of reaching my own personal goals to that of reaching out to help others reach their goals.

One of my fellow physical therapists is a mother of five. She is a no nonsense giver of advice to her kids and one of her favorite lines is,

“If your not changing it, You’re choosing it”

Deana Vogel

So what is your choice?

Mr Stiv

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Hi, my name is Steve McMurray aka Mr Stiv. This blog is about sharing information that is helpful to aspiring, creative entrepreneurs may use to assist them in promoting their unique value to their audience without hindrance from physical pain. Sometimes pain can distract and deter us from that creative process. So I also want to provide help to both relieve and prevent the kinds of physical problems that come from long hours at a desk or hunched over a laptop. The moniker Mr Stiv is what my students called me when I served as a teacher with the U.S. Peace Corps in the 1980's That experience taught me a great deal about poverty and the determination of many to rise above meager circumstances. My job allowed me to teach woodworking to blind students. These young men learned to build themselves furniture for their homes using hand tools and an acute sense of touch. My lovely wife is a retired school teacher who loves her grandchildren dearly. Our grandson often says to me, "you don't talk very much do you". Thankfully my wife tolerates being married to a quiet, bald man. We are both distressed by the lack of true financial education that enslaves our society. We are committed to doing what we can to help our family, friends and society break free of this bondage.

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