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7 Success Habits

​I can so identify with Dr. Bob Clarke and his insights running an online biz part time while still doing what he loves working full time....

Here are the 7 Success Habits that he ​shares in this video:

  1. ​At 2:53: Don't label yourself as part time, it serves no purpose.
  2. ​At 5:11: Understand the value of time...you can't be waiting for large chunks of time to build your business...use small bits of time to build your business.
  3. At 6:45: Fail Forward...​"Mistakes are not only optional, they are critical...it means that I am taking action"​​​​​​
  4. At 7:45: Keep Things Short...​Do not spend a lot of time with a prospect that does not want to move; What are the two biggest things that you can do today that will make the biggest impact on your business.
  5. At 9:30: Make the Right Comparisons​: Don't compare yourself as a part timer to what full timers can do. Only compare yourself today with your yesterdays...and be patient.
  6. At 11:47: Let your mouth do the walking: Leverage technology and embrace it.​​​..Social Media, ​Groups; Email autoresponder; Zoom or a webinar platform.
  7. At 13:50: Don't reinvent the wheel: Elite Marketing Pro offers the training, the mentors, the platform the funnels and the offers all done for you...​Click on the link below to ​get started on your free 10 day boot camp:
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