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Are Your Goals of Running an Online Business Turning Into A Pain?


Let’s face it, we all tend to feel overwhelmed at the amount of information and connectedness that is possible through the internet. We become slaves to our electronic gadgets and often find ourselves spending long hours hunched over our computers, ipads and iphones without realizing how much strain we are putting on our bodies until we feel the pain.

This blog is dedicated to curating information that cuts down on the pain and the sense of overwhelm. My goal is to provide you with information and systems that can help each of us share value with the world.

As an Ohio Licensed Physical Therapist, I share tips and even some exercises that everyday with people who are suffering from neck and back pain as a result of their occupations, including chronic conditions brought on through the accumulation of physical stresses at the macro level (people who spend many hours in front of a computer) and at the micro level (oxidative stresses in our cells).

Some of these tips will be included on  separate pages when they are ready and as I find information that I have found to be valid and valuable.

As one interested in online marketing, I also share systems and mentors that I have found to be helpful in getting valuable information out to an interested audience. So my blog will feature some internet marketing tips and some health and fitness tips as well.

In the meantime, my wife Lisa and I invite you to enjoy the information on this blog and feel free to contact me here.

Oh, yes, in case that you were wondering, ‘Mr Stiv’ is the name that my students used to call me when I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the ’80’s on the island of St. Lucia in the West Indies.

Thank you for taking the time to peruse these pages.


God Bless,

Steve McMurray MPT aka mrstiv


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