Progressing Beyond The Fear –

Progressing Beyond The Fear

Progress: Moving Beyond Your Fears.

When climbing a mountain in rarified atmosphere, it is often difficult to make progress as quickly as ​we would like to. Experienced climbers train themselves to take 4 breaths and take a step;...take four breaths and take a step...

Taking the next step is often the most difficult thing to do when ​we become overwhelmed with all the responsibilities ​in the business of providing value to others. 

It is so important to keep moving forward and take four deep breaths to remember who ​we have chosen to climb that mountain of fear for and then find that one thing that ​we can do that will ​propel us forward and providing value for others...

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Steve McMurray aka Mr Stiv

Click here for the ​final video to learn how navy pilots rely on executing a plan to gain the victory over their fear.

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