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Should This Guy Be Arrested???

Check out these 2016 stats (courtesy of Statistic Brain): YouTube has 1,300,000,000 users (1.3 billion)… …who view 4,950,000,000 (4.95 billion) videos daily… …for an average of 40 minutes per session on their mobile devices! That’s insane! Even more insane is the fact that only 9% of US small businesses use YouTube (as reported by eMarketer). Which is a MASSIVE oversight, especially […]

Seven Proven Ways To Build a Big Team

Seven Proven & Simple Ways to Find Qualified Prospects and Build a Big TeamWritten by Brandy Shaver ​  Tired of no-shows and excuses? Hey, I can relate! Not long ago I spent hours upon hours driving hundreds of miles to deliver one-on-one presentations, and going to home and hotel meetings. Worse still, I paid a ton in childcare, only […]

Is Network Marketing A Real Business?

 Let’s discuss a question you’ll inevitably get asked…Is network marketing a legitimate business?If you haven’t heard this one already, get ready. Maybe it’ll come from a family member, spouse, friend, or maybe even a coworker once they find out you’ve taken the leap from employee to entrepreneur by starting your own enterprise. It can be tough to […]

3 Levels To Better Recruiting

If you feel that you’re recruiting is ​not fully utilizing today’s technology ​…then you will want to read this valuable post from the author of Attraction Marketing, Ferny Ceballos Recently, I was invited to be a keynote speaker at a secret meeting, organized by a cadre of top leaders from a large and well-known network marketing […]

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