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Mommy Blogger With A Huge List

Holly Homer—a popular blogger, speaker, consultant, and poker aficionado—started a “mommy blog” nearly 10 years ago while raising her three boys, and quickly turned a hobby into her full-time dream job. Learn how Holly organically built a community of over 2.5 million fans on Facebook in the interview below! Click here for more! FREE INTERNET RECRUITING COURSE […]

How To Engage Your Prospects

I Have A Very Clever Wife…  As a teacher, she knows how to engage her students. Shen tasked with presenting difficult concepts to her students that she had never learned very well, she  created models that simplify complex tasks for herself and for her students… One brilliant example of this is when she needed to teach to […]

3 Reasons To Get Your own Traffic

We All Need Traffic  I am going to assume that you are reading this blog because you have an interest in generating leads, customers or perhaps building a downline in your network marketing biz… Whatever may be your goal, we all need traffic and we have tried all of the easy ways, that create a lot of […]

Who Loves Ya’ Baby?

“Think Jaws…in space.” That’s how Ridley Scott’s Alien was pitched to 20th Century Fox (…with the unfortunate working title of Star Beast). “Think Pocahontas…in space.” That’s definitely NOT how James Cameron pitched Avatar to Fox studios, though it would have been an apt summary of the plot. Likewise, FernGully, The Last Samurai, and Dances with Wolves (all in space) would have worked too. Perhaps surprisingly, Fox initially rejected Cameron’s […]

Electrify your Lists

Your success in selling comes down to one key skill… Your ability to effectively communicate. Essentially, it’s all about crafting the right combination of words and ideas—spoken, written, or otherwise—to both emotionally and logically compel your prospects to buy. That’s it. And no one understands this process better than master closer Bill Pescosolido. Bill spent 16 years […]

I’m innocent I tell you.. I’m INNOCENT!!!

Facebook Jail…Do not pass go, do not collect… I am Banned… and Bummed. I don’t know how or why it happened, but it did, Facebook banned me. This blog post gives tremendously valuable information on how to avoid getting banned… I’m bummed that I didn’t know this sooner….   Here is Your ‘Get of Jail’ […]