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3 Levels To Better Recruiting

If you feel that you’re recruiting is ​not fully utilizing today’s technology ​…then you will want to read this valuable post from the author of Attraction Marketing, Ferny Ceballos Recently, I was invited to be a keynote speaker at a secret meeting, organized by a cadre of top leaders from a large and well-known network marketing […]

Big results with small lists

Some marketers brag about the size of their list. But guess what… Having a big list don’t mean diddly-squat if nobody’s buying! Just ask Tanya Aliza—a top recruiter and notoriously-successful super affiliate—who’s generating a healthy, 6-figure income with a downright TINY list of rabid hyper-buyers. Her secret? She spends only 20% of her time on […]

No More Excuses!

Yes, I’ve Said It too… Give me a “Hell Yeah!” if you are absolutely sick and tired of hearing the following excuses: “It sounds great, but I just don’t have enough money to get started.” “I don’t have enough time.” “Is this some pyramid scheme?” “I can’t sell.” “I don’t want to give you my social […]

What’s In a Meme?

Meme, Is It More Than A Repetitive Expression of Ego? Perhaps, if it was MeMeMe that might be true.   According to what we find in Wikipedia, a meme is defined as: “A meme (/ˈmiːm/; meem) is “an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture” A meme acts as […]

How To Add Value To Your Brand

Creating a ‘Value-Added’ Brand Some days I wonder what our neighbors might be thinking…   It is not an uncommon sight to see a furniture truck sitting in our driveway. Since my wife is retired, she has dedicated a portion of her income toward decorating…and redecorating our house. I must say, she is doing a […]