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How To Magnetize Your Iphone

Do iphones really have magnets? If you own an iphone, you are no doubt impressed with the myriad of things that you can do with it. In fact I will bet that if you over 50, you are absolutely amazed at the power and access to knowledge that you have in the power of your […]

Mindset Matters

Ya, Ya, we have heard it all before… Still, it is what made the difference for this internet marketer who was facing foreclosure and as substandard diet after his employer shut the doors. Then he changed his mindset and began to crush it after implementing what he learned with elite marketing pro. In this video […]

Selfie Promotion

Selfie Promotion And The Ethical Bribe The ease with which one can promote their self by the use of “selfies” is truly an astounding development in our world at large. This propensity for self promotion is not unique. As early 1839 a self portrait was taken by means of the ‘daguerreotype’. In the 1900’s women […]

My Wife Deserves Better Than This…

You’re Still The One The smoothest talker, I am not and I come from a long line of not smooth talkers. In fact, I am amazed that my wife ever agreed to marry me. Often she is amazed that she ever agreed to marry me. Today, I was listening to the oldies station and a […]

Don’t Play in the Traffic!

Kickball anyone?   As a kid, we lived on a street that for years had only the neighborhood traffic because it ended at a big dirt wall. This allowed us to play kickball with few interruptions by cars passing through our ‘diamond’. However, once the new development began at the end of the street, the […]

TIPPS for A Perfect Week

5-daily-practices-for-a-perfect-week It is always helpful to be able to ‘boil down’ a whole basket of concerns into 5 different areas of life. These 5 elements are bedrock and foundational to your growth as an entrepreneur and a provider of value to everyone in your life. Without telling you more, you just need to click here […]