How To Add Value To Your Brand –

How To Add Value To Your Brand

Creating a ‘Value-Added’ Brand

Some days I wonder what our neighbors might be thinking…


It is not an uncommon sight to see a furniture truck sitting in our driveway. Since my wife is retired, she has dedicated a portion of her income toward decorating…and redecorating our house. I must say, she is doing a wonderful job, but it must seem to our neighbors that we have a special relationship with a particular furniture store…and we do.


The reason for that is that they have branded themselves as a ‘value-added’ supplier of home furnishings. Not only are there product lines superior without being over-priced, but their customer service and attention to relationship building adds an extra value to our experience.


This is what ‘attraction marketing’ is all about. It is not magical, it is relational…


How are you adding value in your niche?


Standing out from the crowd and increasing your lead flow requires more than just branding yourself as something different. This is secondary to what is essential. The key to adding value is finding a problem unique to your target audience and providing a solution to that problem. When you solve a problem for someone, your brand is identified as that solution and a provider of valuable content.


The way that Herman’s furniture adds value is by not just making a good display, but they provide customer service that is based on getting to know their customers wants, needs and tastes. They understand that not every one who walks in their door is a customer. For those who do become customers, they understand that they are not just looking for a piece of furniture, they are looking to create something in their home.

your-designerThey answer that need by providing free design services when you purchase items over a set amount. They allow their customer to try any piece on their showroom floor in their own home. If it doesn’t work out, they can bring it back and try something else that helps them to create what they are after.


What is it that your target audience is after?


Your customers want you to provide them with an experience more than a product. They want you to help them along their journey. Sometimes, they need help defining where it is that they want to be. If you can help them do that, they will also want you to help them get there.


The challenge for us then is learning what it is that our customers really want. This can be done by participating in forums, posting surveys or just seeing what people are buying in your niche. It is simple: When we identify with our customers needs, we become very attractive as suppliers to that need.


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