How to Give Yourself a Kick In the Keester –

How to Give Yourself a Kick In the Keester

Man, life is busy…

Like many of you, I work a 40+ hours per week. Recently I also taught one class at a local community college and I was amazed at how much time and energy it took.

Now that the class is over, I have more time but there is always something else that seems to nudge its way into the priority stream ahead of life.

Nevertheless, I am working on getting unstuck in my business endeavors…how about you?

I can’t do that because I am not a….

Doing something for the first time is embarrassing and clumsy but getting out of a slump requires us to do in order to be.

If you want to be a _______, Just start doing_______

You either make progress, or you make excuses.

In this daily dose of awesome, Bill Pescosolido gives us a summary of what we need to do to get unstuck and get better. Learn the kind of self talk that we need to replace the negative feedback we give ourselves every day…

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