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I’m Really Not Sure If I Should Share This…

In the wrong hands, this could be dangerous…

What Do Mr. Otis and Mr. Barnham have in common?

At the end of this post you will be able to listen to how these made made history together by making living in skyscrapers an acceptable possibility…

7 laws of persuasion or influence

  1. The Law of Connection

    Relating to your prospect. Getting them to think: “This person really gets me”
    We buy from people that we like, know and trust and they have somehow allayed our fears.
    Tell people the story about your journey. Vulnerability produces trust. Authenticity produce core connection.
    Connection always trumps credentials

  2. The Law of Desire”

    Sharing how I or another overcame the problem and now living a better life. Showing the possibility that your readers really can achieve the desired result is essential to establishing a connection with them.

  3. The Law of Social Proof

    Case studies and testimonials
    Reviews and results

  4. The Law of Value

    Give without want, share without holding back and provide meaningful solutions.
    We must demonstrate value and not be afraid of sharing an abundance in order to show that there is an even greater abundance available from you.
    “Try not to become a man of success but rather become a man of value” A Einstein
    The value scale must be tilted in favor of the prospect in order for them to make a buying decision. Make the case for the desired result.

  5. The law of Consistency

    Give people the opportunity to say yes to small commitments before asking for a big commitment.

  6. The Law of Reciprocity

    Giving away value for free invokes this law that people want to give back.

  7. The Law of Scarcity

    Limited time or quantity, OTO’s that persuade people to take action.

Okay, in a nutshell, this are the elements that will increase your ability to persuade others as to the value that you offer. Here is an excellent explanation of persuasion from master marketer, Andrew Draughon…Enjoy!

The Single Most Persuasive Element of any Marketing Message: Andrew Draughon


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