My Mother Warned Me About This…. –

My Mother Warned Me About This….

Is This Really Okay???…

Was it okay for the automobile manufacturer to put the horse wagon builder out of business? Well, I suppose if that was the motivation for the auto manufacturer, then you might say yes. But what if the auto builders motivation is simply that they wanted to offer value (personal transportation) easier for a larger number of people?


There are many in the network marketing industry who are crying foul at the promoters of online marketing. Those who are teaching the methods of one on one interaction through parties, passing out flyers and asking family and friends to join your opportunity are fearful that online marketers are stealing their downlines by marketing opportunity through the internet.


The big question of any marketer is:  “What is the best way to find people interested in what I am offering?” I don’t think that anyone would argue that ultimately one on one relationship building is how any business is built…but are home meetings and personal invitations the best place to start?

The leverage of technology

Walking through any mall, airport or busy restaurant, you will find countless people who’s attention is on their smartphone. The bottom line is that marketing is eyeballs and you may be reading this on your smartphone completely oblivious to the street hawker selling doodads of various sorts.

If you have something to sell, something that people perceive as valuable enough to them to exchange money for it, then how are you going to get their attention? Will you annoy them with an unsolicited sales pitch or will you give them something of value first that they will thank you for?

What would you be more likely to respond to?


Three Target Markets

That is the principle of ‘Attraction Marketing’.  To learn what three markets to target and how to get their attention, then click here to steal this information now!


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