My Wife Deserves Better Than This… –

My Wife Deserves Better Than This…

You’re Still The One

The smoothest talker, I am not and I come from a long line
of not smooth talkers. In fact, I am amazed that my wife
ever agreed to marry me. Often she is amazed that she
ever agreed to marry me.

Today, I was listening to the oldies station and a song
with the lyrics “You’re still the One” caused me to think
a rare romantic thought of telling my wife that she was
“still the one that makes me shout,still the one that I
dream about…You’re still the one that makes me strong,
still the one I want to take along…”

We are both over 50, so sometimes the subject of age is a
rather sensitive one. With that being true I almost blew it
until I decided it was best not to not smooth talk her with
a line like…

“Hey, I was listening to the oldies station and I thought of you”

Then I congratulated myself that at least since I am not a
smooth talker, I can at least learn to not be a not smooth
talker once in a while. In other words, It’s better not to
say anything than to say something stupid…


Stupid MLM Marketing

When it comes to MLM marketing, we hear a lot of stupid things
and receive a lot of insipid marketing. There is no shortage
of bad marketing – especially in the MLM marketing arena…

So, it makes sense to me to learn how to market from those
who have already learned from their mistakes and proven what
it takes to build credibility and provide value to people’s
lives without insulting them.

There are smart ways to market that will not cost us our
relationships. Let’s face it, wouldn’t your friends and
family be more receptive to your opportunity or product
if they see positive results?

The way to get positive results from your marketing is to first
offer value to your potential markets then build your list with
a pervasive presence and credibility that gives substance to your

Then, even if you do say something stupid it will not ruin
your family life.

If you want to learn from a uber-successful marketing expert

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