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Selfie Promotion And The Ethical Bribe

The ease with which one can promote their self by the use of “selfies” is truly an astounding development in our world at large.

This propensity for self promotion is not unique. As early 1839 a self portrait was taken by means of the ‘daguerreotype’. In the 1900’s women began the practice of using the Kodak Brownie Box camera and a mirror to take pictures of themselves.

Of course, they hadn’t the means of instant, world-wide dissemination of their pictures that are available to anyone with a cell phone camera and an internet connection. This leads to all manner of possibilities, both ethical and unethical.

The purpose of this post is to consider the ethical use of the ‘selfie’


Creating squeeze pages that get results.

It is being estimated that by 2015, 90% of traffic generation will be by means of video. So it appears that an essential element of any marketing effort will include making videos that offer value and interest to the viewer.

Every marketers dream is to have their work go viral. Yet, this can backfire if the video is seen as shameless self promotion. For instance, a video of an exhibitionist running naked through a crowded marketplace may create a viral stir, it hardly produces a mailing list that you can count on for long term customer relations.

More to the point, if your ‘selfie’ offers no value other than putting yourself, your business or your opportunity on display, than you are wasting your marketing dollars.

It is far more important to know your target audience, what their pain is, what problems that they are looking to solve and then addressing that pain point with a content rich solution.

Video marketing offers the possibility of going viral with a ‘selfie’ but it needs to provide value if it is to make a long term connection with your potential customers and it needs to do so in the space of 3 seconds or less.

There are many methods available but by far the best converting  method is providing a short, two minute selfie that offers something of value in exchange for an email address and a first name. Hence the term ‘the ethical bribe’ has been coined.


The following products are possibilities for your next ethical bribe.

An ebook

Audio file that utilizes the credibility of your upline or other experts in the field.

A content-rich webinar

A you tube training product

A Special report

PLR products

Many of these products can be done relatively cheaply by using to put the finishing touches on any project ideas that you may have. Somethings can be done as easily as making a Skype call to one of your upline resources that are successful at promotion and team building.

I have been buying marketing products for several years now. I have wasted a lot of time and money on products that have some value, but is often out dated. One of the best decisions that I have made was to invest in a system that continually provides the most up to date training on a monthly basis

Here I have found experts that walk the walk and provide content rich videos and articles to help me understand and implement What’s Working Now in the world of Internet marketing.

In it you will learn how to make your own selfies in an ethical, content rich way that will attract long term, targeted customers to your product or service. This is my affiliate link to your copy of Attraction Marketing. You do not have to use it of course and I thank you for reading thus far.

Whatever your business model is, this provides a step by step In any case, all of the best to you in your entrepreneurial endeavors!

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