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Welcome to Mr Stiv.com!

Taking control of our retirement income can be a very intimidating experience.

There are a lot of confusing voices telling us the best plan and use for our money. Most of them involve turning over control of our money to someone else and accumulating piles of cash instead of increasing sources of cash flow.

This website is partially dedicated to providing information that I have found valuable for online, or offline marketing that enables the entrepreneur to increase their online presence so that multiple sources of income can be developed to improve cash flow.

This small change in thinking allows us to take control of our retirement so that we are not dependent upon the government, family or unpredictable market forces to determine the timing or the lifestyle of our retirement. Regardless of the type of value that you choose to offer to your market, providing that value in a way that is passive and scalable requires implementing a system that is can be easily duplicated.

I want to introduce to you to just such a system. Not only is it easily duplicated but it is a valuable and marketable resource in itself. The best place to start is to CLICK HERE! And take your retirement income to the next level…

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Steve McMurray MPT

Hi, my name is Steve McMurray aka Mr Stiv and thank you for visiting this page!. This blog is about sharing information that is helpful to aspiring, creative entrepreneurs like yourself that you may use to assist you in finding the right audience to promote your unique value to. The moniker Mr Stiv is what my students called me when I served as a teacher with the U.S. Peace Corps in the 1980's That experience taught me a great deal about poverty and the determination of many to rise above meager circumstances. It is my desire to help you find your path to rise above your circumstances as well... Please contact me if you are interested in joining me to make the rest of your life, the best of your life.

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